Subaru reveals SuperGT BRZ race car in video to fans

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Over the weekend Subaru revealed its new BRZ race car, which it will campaign next year in the GT300 class of Japan's SuperGT series. The car was shown in an online video called "Subaru Motorsport Fan Appreciation Gathering 2020" that covered its rally, the 86/BRZ one-make league that it runs with Toyota, and SuperGT, Japan's premier touring car series.

The past year has been a disappointment to many race fans as the COVID-19 pandemic canceled numerous events across the globe. Even rounds that were run did not allow for attendance, starving fans of the racing action that they wanted to see. So, Subaru decided to turn a motorsports festival for its supporters into a virtual event and unveiled their new race car online.

We actually saw the car recently at Fuji Speedway as Subaru conducted tests of an upgraded second-generation BRZ. As you might expect, the GT300 car will now feature the look of the new BRZ, with the new head and taillights and grille. The car still wears its carbon fiber bodywork, but presumably when it starts the 2021 season it'll be decked out in its traditional livery of Subaru's WR blue and STI's sakura pink.

Little else was revealed about the car, but presumably it'll continue to run a turbocharged flat-four putting out about 350 horsepower depending on the tune. Yes, we know, but this is a race-only application based on Subaru rally car engines slightly modified for road courses. You can see, and hear, the GT300 car at the 1:54:48 mark in the video and in these tweets.

In the interview segment, drivers Hideki Yamauchi and Takuto Iguchi were tight-lipped as well, saying about the car only, "It's cool" with knowing smiles. They also said they felt lonely this year, as the full SuperGT season was run this year with no one in the stands. Then Subaru rally driver Hiroki Arai joked that he'd never been in a SuperGT car, and the drivers agreed to swap machines. We can only hope that things will return to normal before that happens and fans will be allowed to see that in person.

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