Subway defends its chicken; a peek at secret documents: Daily newsletter for March 2

Subway defends its chicken after CBC Marketplace report

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Thursday, March 2

Subway stands behind its chicken

The sandwich chain is disputing the findings of a CBC Marketplace DNA test that showed the chicken patty in Subway sandwiches could contain just 50 per cent chicken.

Subway calls the story "false and misleading," but CBC stands behind the DNA test results.

Here's more about the test, including the results on the sandwich chain's chicken. And you can also watch the Marketplace investigation on fast-food chicken. 

EXCLUSIVE | Secret documents reveal Canada's planned response to 9/11-style attack

Through the Access to Information Act, CBC News has obtained documents that were part of a briefing presented to Gen. Jonathan Vance, the incoming chief of defence staff, in 2015.

They contain details about how the military, RCMP and government would determine when to shoot down a hijacked plane.

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Evidence the planet has entered a new geological epoch

Human activity has added 208 new minerals to the 5,200 or so that occur naturally, according to a paper in the journal American Mineralogist. The authors argue this is further evidence that Earth has moved from the Holocene into a new epoch, the Anthropocene, that is, a human-influenced era.

CBC's Nicole Mortillaro spoke to lead author Robert Hazen, who said the new minerals are "a fascinating exploration of what nature can do with humans being part of that natural process."

U.S. election isn't what crashed immigration website

Remember this story?

When Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election became clear on Nov. 8, so many Americans rushed to consult a Canadian immigration website that they brought it down.

That was what the media, including the CBC, reported.  

Turns out it was more likely brought down by foreigners scrambling to get a basic $7 travel document to fly into Canada before a Nov. 10 deadline, Dean Beeby reports from internal documents obtained by the CBC.

Sunrise Records' competitors hope they succeed

Following Sunrise Records' surprise announcement that it's taking over 70 HMV record stores across the country, with plans to have them in operation by midsummer, Haydn Watters asked owners and managers of other record stores for their reaction.

"In this day and age, it seems insane," said Ben Frith, a record store manager in Vancouver.

Sunrise says vinyl records would be at the front of the new stores.

Despite their skepticism, competitors wish Sunrise success, for the good of the vinyl industry.

Turkey's leader feuds with newspapers

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed a headline in a Turkish newspaper, calling it "vulgar, worthless."

"Neither this newspaper nor its bosses have the power to publish a headline like that," Erdogan said.

CBC's Istanbul correspondent, Nil Köksal, translates the offending front page headline as "The Commanders are Uneasy." Read her column to learn why that made Erdogan so upset.

She also explains the irony that the story was penned by the reporter who became a pro-government media star after the attempted coup in July. Hande Firat got Erdogan on TV using the Facetime app, giving him a platform to call people into the street and block the coup.

Köksal reports that more than 150 journalists and writers are jailed in Turkey, more than in any other country.

Trump sings Canada's praises

In his address to Congress, U.S. President Donald Trump pointed to Canada as a model for "real and positive" immigration reform, a shift from his hardline rhetoric during the campaign.

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What's happening in the news today? 

- Concordia University in Montreal reopens its doors to students after a threat of bombs targeting Muslim students. Concordia says it will increase patrols of its private security officers. 

- Snap, owner of Snapchat, makes its stock market debut in New York at $17 a share.

- A "Stand Against Hate" rally born of out of the recent vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia takes place at noon Thursday on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

- Voting takes place for a new Northern Ireland Assembly following the collapse of a power-sharing government in January.