‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox to Teach BBC Maestro Acting Class

HBO Max Presents "Succession" Premiere In Madrid - Credit: Photo by Borja B. Hojas/WireImage
HBO Max Presents "Succession" Premiere In Madrid - Credit: Photo by Borja B. Hojas/WireImage

Soon you, too, can nail the art of playing a bastard. Having bid farewell to the darkly funny HBO drama, Succession star Brian Cox is set to impart his acting skills on the education platform, BBC Maestro. “I believe everyone is an actor, but the difficulty is turning it into a career,” says Cox in the trailer for the online course titled “Acting.”

According to the course description Cox will shine a spotlight on what it takes to deliver an award-winning performance and leave your audience wanting more. He will share his experience and expertise through practical lessons that’ll help one master the art of acting for both stage and screen. Lessons will delve into character development, script analysis, and the essential techniques to take into your next audition.

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Cox joins the likes of filmmaker Edgar Wright, comedian Billy Connolly and music producer Mark Ronson among other luminaries who have shared their professional knowledge on the subscription based service.

The Scottish actor is the recipient of an Emmy Award for his role as Hermann Göring in Nuremberg. Cox has been Emmy-nominated three times for his turn as Logan Roy on Succession.

The classically trained Shakespearean actor spoke to Rolling Stone in 2019 about his gratitude for the critically acclaimed role. “I’m at a certain age, so I’ve been doing this for a few weeks [laughs] — you’re just grateful to get a role like this now. I always thought, I’m in this for the long game. As long as human beings will get up there and say lines and audiences or cameras show up, I’m in there. Logan is sort proof of that particular pudding, in a way. Stick around long enough and you eventually get a role where you think, Yup. This is right. This is what I should be doing right now.”

More recently, Cox expressed his disappointment over his character’s premature death. Cox said writer Jesse Armstrong handled the storyline “brilliantly,” despite the actor having mixed feelings about the decision.“[Armstrong] decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early,” Cox said. “I mean, he’d made him die in the third episode. And it was a great scene. That’s why I didn’t watch it, because I have no interest in watching. My own death will come soon enough. But I just thought, ‘Wow,’ you know, he did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene, the whole act.”

Cox’s course will be available later this year.

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