Succession star Kieran Culkin disagrees with show creator's interpretation of Roman's ending

kieran culkin as roman roy in succession finale
Succession's Kieran Culkin talks Roman endingHBO

Succession spoilers follow.

Succession star Kieran Culkin has disagreed with Jesse Armstrong’s interpretation of the ending for Roman Roy.

In the series finale, Roman is last seen drinking in a New York bar with a martini, with creator Armstrong noting that it was more optimistic than the conclusion for siblings Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook).

Culkin, who played Roman in all four seasons of the show, had a different interpretation of his character’s ending, saying he was left feeling alone as he drowned his sorrows.

kieran culkin, succession, season 4

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“[Jesse Armstrong] has said that he thinks it's more of like, 'Roman has gone back to where he was at the beginning. What's really sad about that was all of this was for nothing. It's been a waste of his time. Like, what's the point? What did he learn? What did he gain?” Culkin said to Variety.

"Which is a cool interpretation, and that’s his, so that seems to be the one that’s right. But there’s mine, which has, I think, elements of that," he continued.

"People inevitably do grow when they go through experiences like this. I think he has evolved as a person. I don’t think he’s gained nothing from this. I think there’s something he must have taken away from it, whether or not that’s for better or for worse."

kieran culkin as roman roy in succession finale

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Culkin added: "I think he not only just genuinely loves his family, I think he needs them. Now that it’s done, and he’s out, and they’re all out: When is he going to see them again? Who does he have? He has f***ing nobody.

"That’s it. And siblings are out there, somewhere. And it’s not like we’re gonna get together for a beer. He’s very much alone. Have you ever seen Roman with a friend?"

Culkin, who has been nominated for numerous awards throughout Succession’s run, added that he loved the various readings on the endings, saying: “I love that there are different interpretations of it, and different theories.

“I love that, because all these things can exist at once — that's why I think it's great that it ended where it did. It feels very much like the end, but there could be more. Because there really could be!”

Succession season 4 airs on HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

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