Suella Braverman’s new ‘cringey’ TikTok election video is actually real

Suella Braverman’s new TikTok video described as “cringey” has left many viewers confused about whether it is just a parody.

The former home secretary was filmed doing a swaggering dance to the soundtrack of Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr’s 2006 hit ‘Let Me Think About It’.

She launched the new account on the social media platform last week with a handful of videos as part of her general election campaign, and it has already received tens of thousands of views.

Wearing dark sunglasses and green trousers, the Conservative candidate for Fareham and Waterlooville does not speak during the 15-second clip.

Instead, a caption appears asking whether voters will support her at the upcoming general election on 4 July, while a remix of the popular song plays in the background.

Ms Braverman tries to capitalise on a viral trend on TikTok (@suellab / TikTok)
Ms Braverman tries to capitalise on a viral trend on TikTok (@suellab / TikTok)

Ms Braverman, who previously ran for the Tory party leadership, is seen holding a campaign sign with her name on it.

The video then pans to the former minister, who also served as attorney general, who walks in front of a group of activists who are also holding campaign signs.

But the video is actually real and not a parody - although clearly tongue-in-cheek.

Ms Braverman was trying to take advantage of a viral trend on the platform, which originated from a video of a woman asking her baby, “Who wants to go to Four Seasons Orlando?” while the track played in the background.

The baby excitedly raises its hand, in a clip that has gone down a storm on the social media platform, generating more than 40 million views.

The clip by Ms Braverman attracted plenty of attention online, with critics and fans alike sharing their views.

“Literally my favourite MP,” one admirer wrote on TikTok. “We love you,” another wrote while a third said: “What a QUEEN! My only vote will be for SUELLA BRAVERMAN!!!”

Others were less than impressed, including activist Nick Lowles who is the chief executive of Hope Not Hate, who said: “I’ve really seen it all now.”

“Heaven help us,” lawyer and social justice campaigner Peter Stefanovic said.

“This is beyond cringe,” Alastair Campbell, podcaster and former Downing Street director of communications, said.

Ms Braverman, known for her hardline rhetoric on immigration, is defending a majority of 26,086 in Fareham - a new constituency that replaced her old one.

Earlier this month she said Reform UK leader Nigel Farage“should be welcomed” by the Conservative Party.

In an interview with The Times, Ms Braverman said the Tories are a “broad church”, and should not exclude anyone who wants “Conservatives to get elected”.