Summer fest Busk ‘til Dusk raised $9,000 in 2022

Success is a dish best served on the beach with food, friends, and good tunes.

Doug Lorriman of the Business Association of Balm Beach (BABB) provided a summary report to Tiny Township council at a recent regular meeting, showcasing the end result of the popular Busk ‘til Dusk event held from June through September.

“Every Thursday night during the summer,” said Lorriman, “Busk ‘til Dusk attracted a large number of people – both Tiny residents and visitors – to the beach, and for three hours they all had a great time. I think that’s a key metric of success of any program, especially ours.”

Despite 11 performances scheduled, only one was called off due to weather. Popular local performers like Dylan Lock and The Remedy were among the ten entertainers.

Roughly $19,000 in revenue was generated, in part from bucket collections, sponsorships, a garage sale, and from a $4,000 Tiny Township grant in a “pay forward” model from the BABB which aimed to cover all costs before booking performers.

Following expenses of just over $10,000 the organization had made a surplus of nearly $9,000 after paying insurance, management, promotion, and the performers themselves.

“I want to acknowledge that a major component in the foundation of that success is the support that we’ve had from the township,” Lorriman stated. “Your staff have been awesome, and you – the council – have been awesome as well.”

Objectives listed in the report for the year included: an aim to begin Busk ‘til Dusk before Canada Day and end it after Labour Day without additional municipality support, which succeeded; local talent integration, which did not happen due to equipment-related concerns; and a sponsorship program, which had been initialized to small success.

According to the BABB: “The surplus made this year will go towards seeding next year’s program and the purchase of new equipment” to the amount of approximately $20,000 as stated in the report.

Council was receptive to Lorriman’s presentation, acknowledging the hard work and effort involved. Departing members of council were the ones to speak to the report.

Coun. Gibb Wishart admitted he was not a social media user, and asked how he could find a schedule when next year’s lineup becomes available. Lorriman replied that it was a good point and he would take it back, but not before adding that he saw Wishart at the events, calling him “a pretty good dancer”.

Coun. Cindy Hastings thanked Lorriman and the BABB for the commitment over the past years.

“I was going through some old emails and was just thinking about how far we’ve come from the first initial event until now,” mused Hastings. “I wanted to congratulate you on such a success in bringing the community together. I think we really needed that, especially the last little bit. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to attending events in the future.

“And Coun. Wishart, I’ll call you when they’re on,” Hastings added to Wishart’s laughter.

Mayor George Cornell spoke last, echoing Hastings’ remarks by praising the BABB.

“I too will look forward to participating; hopefully I’ll have a little more time next year to see a few more of the events, because I’ve heard good things,” said Cornell.

The Busk ‘til Dusk report from the Business Association of Balm Beach can be found in the council agenda on the Township of Tiny webpage.

Archives of council meetings are available to view on Tiny Township’s YouTube channel.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,