What summer? Newfoundland to be walloped by up to 30 cm of snow

Houses by snow covered road during Christmas at night

If you’ve already taken out your patio furniture, bring it back inside – Mother Nature is sending one last snow storm to Newfoundland, even though it’s almost June.

“Temperatures will drop across much of central Newfoundland and we’re expecting expecting a lot of heavy snow across a good chunk of central Newfoundland overnight,” said Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather, explaining that the storm is moving in from the west to the east part of the privince. “Places such as Gander could end up with anywhere from 15-30 cm of snow by early tomorrow morning.”

The temperatures this evening will be around 1 C, so not terribly cold, but the precipitation from the “surprise storm” could create issues.

“The heavy, wet snow, could cause problems for power lines and evergreen trees,” said Anderson. “Snow could be heavy and wet enough to cause some power outages across the area.”

Thankfully, the snow won’t be sticking around.

“Snow will start melting tomorrow morning,” Anderson explained. “Temperatures will get up to 3 C  which is still unseasonably cold but with the strong May sun a lot of that snow will melt.”

The rest of the province is getting off fairly easy with rain expected in St. John’s with a possibility for some snow, but no accumulation.

In comparison to the the white weather in Gander, the Prairies are bracing for “near record temperatures” from Friday into the weekend.

“There will be heat wave across Saskatchewan and western parts of Manitoba this weekend with temperatures in the low 30s easily,” said Anderson.

Between the heat in the Prairies and the snow in Newfoundland, Anderson sums it up perfectly: “It’s kind of crazy stuff.”