‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 Finale Has Fans in Chaos and Slinging Season 3 Theories: ‘Endgame Secured’

The finale of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Season 2 has arrived, and the fans are in chaos and reacting to all sides of the love triangle.

Several users remarked about the way the light falls in a certain scene, thinking it points to how the series will end in terms of who Belly will end up with.

“The light only on Belly and Conrad,” one user pointed out. “Endgame secured.

One user, upon finishing the finale, wrote a tweet heavily favoring Conrad.

“I hope bellyjere’s cherish this episode bc everything that comes next is not in ur favour,” they tweeted. “I will be front row at Jeremiah’s downfall in s3.”

First, fans absorbed the results of that last scene in the penultimate episode where Belly kisses Jeremiah and Conrad stumbled upon them making out after he finished his biology final exam.

“If I was Conrad I would’ve gotten into my car and left them stranded there and head to the nearest car wash,” one user wrote.

All he did, at first, was clear his throat to warn them that he was there, but his behavior slowly descended into chaos as he stormed away, packed up his dorm and came back to ride home with his brother and Belly. He asks Belly if she kissed Jeremiah to get his attention.

“Conrad just saw her kissing HIS brother, wearing HIS sweatshirt, against HIS car, at HIS college campus, knowing HE was about to show up because they were waiting for HIM,” the same above user wrote. “That mad had every right to believe she was trying to get HIS attention.”

One user pointed out that Conrad verbally torments his brother and Belly in the car because he knows Belly was better off with him. His questions got crazier and crazier.

“Conrad is hurt, him being petty is absolutely justified (also hilarious) and I’m eating up every minute, that’s my man!” one user wrote.

The unhinged behavior on the part of Conrad (Christopher Briney) gained many similar reactions.

One clever user even pointed out a “Vampire Diaries” parallel, just like the deb ball prompted from Season 1.

Fans remembered Steven too, and his blooming relationship with Taylor.


Even Steven and Taylor get into it about which boy Belly should be with, though, and they really argue.

“‘’Come on it’s not my fault that you’re backing the wrong horse here, tell her steven,” wrote one Twitter user.

A Team Jeremiah fan made a very convincing argument for the younger brother.

“JEREMIAH IS THE REALEST BROTHER!!!!! I know it hurts him to always put everyone else’s feelings above his own!!” they wrote. “But he continuously does it bc he wants Belly and Conrad to be happy! That’s selfless love!

One Conrad fan, though before the episode dropped, wrote a detailed explanation of their loyalty.

“Conrad kissed belly WITHOUT knowing she was having a fling with his brother, AND that he had sabotaged them beforehand,” their Tweet reads. “Jeremiah kissed belly after she was in a committed relationship with his brother, KNOWING conrad was still heartbroken over it. THEY. ARE. NOT. THE. SAME.”

The ending of the season was met with all kinds of comments, from straight-up denial to predictions for what Season 3 has in store.

Read on for more reactions:

All episodes of both seasons of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” are now streaming on Prime Video.

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