Summer's final curtain call, and it's Ontario's driest stretch in months

Don't pack away the full summer wardrobe just yet! Although we get ready to say goodbye to summer this week, high pressure will give temperatures a lift in Ontario before the official kickoff to the fall season on Saturday.

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The large ridge of high pressure will allow temperatures to soar far above seasonal, with splashes of sunshine lining the skies.

On Wednesday and Thursday, daytime highs have the potential to reach the mid-20s in extreme southwestern Ontario, with low-to-mid 20s likely for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and east. There is the potential where temperatures could overachieve in some areas in the south if the winds shift to be from the southwest, and bring in some warmer air.

Baron - Thursday temps Ontario - Sept19
Baron - Thursday temps Ontario - Sept19

After Friday the winds will shift to be more from the north, and while not necessarily "cold" winds, it will really decrease any chances of overachieving in temperatures.

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Toronto breaks record for most rainy days this summer

The sunshine accompanying the warmer temperatures will also make for a pleasant change to end the season, especially after what will be remembered as a soggy summer for some.

Baron - Toronto sunny stretch - Sept19
Baron - Toronto sunny stretch - Sept19

Between June 1 and August 31, Toronto's Pearson airport recorded 42 days of rain, marking the most number of days with measurable precipitation on record. This doesn't mean it was the wettest, or had the most amount of rain, just the number of days that it actually rained was high over the season. The old record to beat was back in 2017 when 41 days of rain was reported.

It's actually been months since the city has recorded a lengthy dry stretch this year, as well. June 16-22 was the last 7-day period that Toronto had gone without any sort of rainy interruption. That is possible to occur this week into early next week before the next chance of widespread rain occurs.

Baron - Ontario precip - Sept19
Baron - Ontario precip - Sept19

The warmth and the sun won’t remain confined to the south, either. We could see highs across portions of northern Ontario climb 10+ degrees above seasonal as we finish off the month of September.

Temperatures should be near seasonal or on the warm side of seasonal for the rest of September and into the first few days of October. We'll be watching the potential for a cooler pattern later during early October.

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