Summerside councillor wants permanent fix for speeding issue on city street

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A Summerside councillor is pushing for permanent measures to stop speeders on one problematic street in the city.

Coun. Greg Campbell says he continually hears concerns about drivers speeding down Craig Avenue, behind the County Fair Mall.

He worries a major 170-unit housing development going up nearby will make the street busier, and the problem worse.

"There certainly has to be something done to look after this," said Campbell, who raised his concerns with Summerside City Council this week.

"There's a lot of young families with pets and children, and they're a little nervous."

Shane Hennessey/CBC News
Shane Hennessey/CBC News

Study confirmed problem

The city carried out a speed study on the street in September. Over a two-day period, 20 per cent of vehicles were recorded driving at least 20 km/h over the speed limit.

While the posted speed limit is 40 km/h, the average car drove 53 km/h.

Campbell said he's flagged the problem with city police in the past, and temporary fixes like increased patrols helped "for a month or two."

Wayne Thibodeau/CBC News
Wayne Thibodeau/CBC News

He'd like a more permanent solution, such as installing speed bumps, or turning Craig Avenue into a one-way street.

Campbell said he'd also like to see sidewalks installed.

""There's a beautiful trailer park here, and a lot of people walk now," he said. "So my real wish would be they put a sidewalk along here to get them up off the road."

According to Campbell, Summerside City Council plans to have a further discussion, before voting on any potential solutions.

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