Summerside Craft Trail draws hundreds of shoppers

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Hundreds of people turned up for the inaugural Summerside Craft Trail on Sunday.

About 50 vendors participated in the event held outdoors on the Confederation Trail. It was designed to serve as an alternative for the Three Oaks Craft Fair that was cancelled this year.

Donations were collected for Three Oaks senior high school.

Organizers said there were many people waiting to get in when the day began. Organizers did what they could to make sure people didn't bump into one another, said Rose Dennis, executive director of Explore Summerside, one of the organizers.

"We've seen a lot of kindness today, and we're all used to adapting a little bit more these days and seeing people come out and they're being comfortable and courteous," said Dennis. "It's a really great sign that community impact is being felt all around."

Travis Kingdon/CBC
Travis Kingdon/CBC

Masks weren't mandatory, but strongly recommended. Alex Clark, owner of Evermoore Brewing and one of the organizers of the event, said most people chose to wear masks.

Organizers had a feeling the event would be popular. "I think our numbers are going to be around a couple thousand here today," said Dennis

For Clark, it's a step toward returning to more normal times.

"We can't forget the things that made us who we are, the charitable side of us, the aspirational side of us that makes us do events like this," said Clark.

"I see these vendors as small business entrepreneurs and they need a place to be able to bring their products," said Dennis.

Some vendors had attended the Three Oaks sale before while others were newcomers. That was done intentionally, said Dennis.

"We also felt it was important to support those who rely on this event year after year and then also give an opportunity to anyone who's new," she said.

Travis Kingdon/CBC
Travis Kingdon/CBC

One of the vendors was Kitchen Witch.

When owner Debbie Crowther heard about the event in Summerside, she was thrilled to have a show to attend.

"We take advantage of being able to earn a little extra in the fall with doing the craft shows, and so with not having them, I've actually been looking for some way to earn some extra money," Crowther said.

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