Sunak insists Suella Braverman has ‘expressed regret’ over speeding scandal as inquiry calls rise

Rishi Sunak has declined to back Home Secretary Suella Braverman over allegations she asked civil servants to help her avoid incurring points on her licence for speeding.

The Prime Minister did not state whether he will launch an investigation into the Cabinet minister despite demands from Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Asked whether he had full confidence in Ms Braverman at a press conference at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Mr Sunak said he did not know the “full details” and has not spoken to her yet.

But he noted she had “expressed regret” for speeding.

“I don’t know the full details of what has happened nor have I spoken to the Home Secretary,” Mr Sunak said.

“I think you can see first hand what I have been doing over the last day or so but I understand that she’s expressed regret for speeding, accepted the penalty and paid the fine.”

Mr Sunak expressed his frustration at being asked whether he would ask his ethics adviser Sir Laurie Magnus to investigate the claims.

“Did you have any questions about the summit?” he asked, before being further quizzed on Ms Braverman.

The Sunday Times reported that Ms Braverman asked Home Office aides to help organise a one-to-one driving awareness course.

Officials refused the request so Ms Braverman allegedly turned to a political aide to assist her in attempting to arrange an alternative to having to attend a course with other motorists.

She was caught speeding outside London while she was Attorney General last summer.