Sunshine list for LKDSB employees to no longer be spelled out in meeting agendas

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The sunshine list will no longer be included in the agenda of a Lambton Kent School Board meeting. Instead members of the public will be provided with a link to a government website where they can view the compensation of any school district employee making an annual income of $100,000 or more.

Trustee Jane Bryce brought forward the motion after the annual sunshine list, which includes public sector employees who make over $100,000 annually, was included in the agenda meeting of the March 28 meeting.

The Public Sector Disclosure Act of 1996 requires organizations, which receive funding from the Ontario government make public by March 31, the names positions and salaries of employees who make $100,000 and over. There was a list of 902 employees in the Lambton Kent School District who were included in this list.

Much has changed in 27 years, as other school boards and organizations use Ontario’s online reporting system tool, said Bryce.

“I believe a link to Ontario’s public sector salary disclosure webpage placed on the Lambton Kent District School Board’s website would satisfy the requirements of the act and accommodate members of the public who wish to view Lambton Kent District School Board’s reporting details,” said Bryce.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent