Super Tender Braised Beef Shank

The ultimate comfort food. Braised beef shank or Osso Buco in Italy. This dish takes very little time to prepare but a few hours to cook. It is definatly worth the wait. Ingredients 1. Beef Shank ( 3 ) 2. Flour ( to dredge the shank) 3. 2 Carrots chopped 4. 2 Celery stalks chopped 5. 1 Large yellow onion chopped 6. 1 Cup red wine 7. 1 Cup Beef broth 8. 2 Bay leaves 9. Salt and pepper to taste 10. Olive oil 11. Diced or Pureed tomatos 12. 2-3 cloves garlic minced Instructions: 1: Cover shank in flour 2: Preheat Dutch oven (or similar) to Med High Heat 3: Fry Beef shank till a nice brown colour and remove. 4. In the same pan saute onions and garlic. (cook till translucent) 5. Add wine and deglaze pot. 6: Add in celery, carrots, broth ,tomatoes, bay leaves and salt and pepper to taste, 7: Place Shank in the pot and make sure the meat is just covered. 8: Cook at med high heat for 90 mins than reduce heat and simmer till liquid has been reduced. I love this dish with garlic mashed potatoes but you can also use Polenta. Thank You for watching and do not forget to hit the subscribe button. Check out these videos: Check out my other videos: Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Wings Mouth Watering Crepes Bacon Pancakes Follow us Instagram: Facebook: