Dozen Wild Elephants Pay Surprise Visit To Campers, Quenching Their Thirst In The Pool

An amazing moment was captured on camera when a herd of wild elephants walks towards a pool from a distance, just to quench their thirst in the Somalisa Tent Camp in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe. What a sight to see! Footage of a herd of elephants approaching a group of tourist while they are chilling by the pool features over a dozen of elephant rushing from a distance just to quench their thirst in a nearby pool located on a campsite. Watch how determined the herd of animals is as they walk toward the pool, much to the delight of witnessing safari tourists. These are the calmest elephants we have ever set eyes to from all the safari videos we have watched over the years. Undoubtedly, elephants are indeed amazing creatures, and the way they drink water from their trunks is absolutely adorable! There's nothing like looking eye to eye with these amazing creatures while they stand still in close proximity! These beautiful gentle giants live in the wild and are used to being photographed and filmed by safari tourists. However, they freely roam around the campsite property and browse at tourists all they want. It is surprisingly how calm the animals in this video are, given the unfortunate events many safari tourists have witnessed with charging animals going attack mode on them. Elephants in Zimbabwe are still the center of attention for ivory poachers. Reportedly, a mother and her young calf, have been found poisoned and their tusks hacked off by poachers. The first known case of elephant poisoning in Zimbabwe was a single massacre of over 100 elephants in Hwange national park in 2013. Since then it has become a common means of poaching – not only in Hwange but throughout the country’s protected areas, including the Zambezi valley and Gonarezhou national park.