Surrey acupuncturist's licence suspended after another sexual misconduct allegation

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Jordan Titchener is an acupuncturist based in Surrey, B.C. His licence has now been suspended because of sexual misconduct allegations. (Inner Chi Acupunture/YouTube - image credit)
Jordan Titchener is an acupuncturist based in Surrey, B.C. His licence has now been suspended because of sexual misconduct allegations. (Inner Chi Acupunture/YouTube - image credit)

WARNING: This story contains graphic details some readers may find disturbing.

An acupuncturist in Surrey, B.C., who was already banned from treating female patients has now had his licence suspended altogether following a new sexual misconduct allegation.

Another woman has come forward to allege that Jordan Titchener placed his penis in her hand while she was lying face down on a treatment table, according to a public notification from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of B.C.

Court documents filed by the college last week suggest this is at least the third woman to allege similar behaviour by Titchener.

The college says that in light of the most recent complaint, its inquiry committee has reviewed the investigatory materials gathered so far, including a submission from Titchener in which he denies any sexual misconduct.

"The inquiry committee panel was satisfied that extraordinary action was necessary to protect the public in the interim pending the outcome of the investigation," the notice says.

Titchener's registration as an acupuncturist will remain suspended while the investigation is underway. The allegations have not been proven.

Titchener has been barred from treating women and girls since March, following a finding of sexual misconduct for placing his penis in the hand of a female patient in November 2020. The ban is an interim measure, and the college has yet to decide on any further penalties in that case.

The latest woman to come forward filed a complaint on May 15, according to the college's notice.

The college says her complaint stems from an appointment on Feb. 16 2022, when Titchener was subject to an earlier restriction that required him to have a chaperone in the room for all appointments with female clients.

Court documents reveal 3rd misconduct allegation

Titchener has denied all of the allegations against him, and in a petition filed in B.C. Supreme Court on March 29, he called for a judge to quash the college's finding of sexual misconduct.

The petition alleges the college applied the wrong standard of proof and conducted a flawed credibility analysis of the complainant.

Because of Titchener's legal action, the public record now shows that at least three women have accused him of placing his penis in their hands during acupuncture treatments.

The college's response to the petition, filed last week, says it held a hearing in fall 2021 to consider a complaint filed by a 23-year-old woman, who'd had more than a dozen appointments with Titchener for treatment of whiplash after a car crash.

M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press
M. Spencer Green/The Associated Press

She testified about her final appointment in November 2020, when she said Titchener pressed his finger into her palm and asked her to squeeze it two or three times while she was lying face down with needles in her back, according to the college's response.

She said Titchener then placed another body part that was longer, thicker and warmer in her palm, and when she asked what it was, he wouldn't give a straight answer, the response says.

The patient told the college that she went home that day and immediately cancelled the rest of her appointments with Titchener.

Another woman who has also filed a sexual misconduct complaint against Titchener testified at the hearing to provide "similar fact evidence," according to the college's response. She described a very similar experience during an appointment in February 2020.

The college's response asks for the court to toss Titchener's petition, saying he has "failed to demonstrate that the panel made a palpable and overriding error such that the intervention of the court is necessary."

A hearing has yet to be scheduled for the petition.

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