Surrey forest protectors irate over road widening

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Surrey forest protectors irate over road widening

A group that is fighting to protect the so-called Stanley Park of Surrey says it is sickened by the number of trees that have been cut down for a road-widening project.

The Green Timbers Heritage Society is strongly opposed to the city increasing the number of lanes along 100 Avenue from two to four.

To make way for the extra lanes, crews have been clearing trees from the side of the road.

Society member Deanna Welters says she couldn't believe how many trees have been removed.

"I was shocked, actually," she said.

"I was absolutely stunned by the destruction and the size of the trees that have just absolutely been flattened and are now stumps."

The city says it is doing everything in its power to save as many trees as possible and also points out that an information session was held last year.

"The city has met on a number of occasions with the Green Timbers Heritage Society to  provide advice, local knowledge, history and concerns which has been central to developing the custom road design," the city said in an email.

LRT coming

The city eventually plans to run a light rail transit line down Fraser Highway that will connect Surrey to Langley.

A separate LRT line between the city centre area and Guildford is expected to run down 104 Avenue.

It's anticipated that drivers and cyclists will use 100 Avenue as an alternative, which is why the road is being widened, safety features are being added and bike lanes are being constructed.

"I find it absolutely appalling that people in charge in this city seem to want to, honestly, spit in the face of nature," Welters said.

"We'll ultimately all pay the price."

Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of next year.

Fraser Highway

The city also plans to cut down more trees when it eventually widens the Fraser Highway to make room for the LRT line.

The Green Timbers Heritage Society is circulating a petition to stop the project.