Surrey RCMP officer arrested, released pending charge approval

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A spokesperson for the B.C. RCMP has confirmed that a Surrey RCMP officer was arrested earlier this week, and has since been released pending the approval of criminal charges.

Though the RCMP has not confirmed the nature of the arrest or the identity of the officer involved, Dawn Roberts, director in charge with B.C. RCMP Communications, said a criminal investigation into the individual remains active and ongoing.

Roberts said as soon as the RCMP became aware of the information that led to the arrest, a unit within the B.C. RCMP separate from the Surrey RCMP opened the investigation.

Served less than 2 years

In addition to a criminal investigation, the RCMP is carrying out an internal code of conduct investigation.

The officer is a probationary member, which means they have served with the RCMP for less than two years.

The individual has been suspended, with pay, and removed from operations.

Roberts said the officer's future with the force will depend on the outcome of both the criminal and internal investigations.