Surveillance video shows killer's vehicle in double homicide, Edmonton police believe

Surveillance video shows killer's vehicle in double homicide, Edmonton police believe

Police are marking the first anniversary of the unsolved shooting deaths of a couple in southwest Edmonton by releasing a surveillance video showing what they believe is their killer's vehicle.

Irfan Ahmed Qureshi, 37, and Suzanne Marie Tran, 27, were found shot several times each in the bedroom of a duplex at 4914-213 St. on March 23, 2016.

Investigators believe the vehicle shown in the surveillance video released Wednesday began driving down 213th Street at midnight, before repeatedly passing in front of the surveillance camera near the home where the homicides occurred.

The vehicle stopped out front of the home for several minutes around 3:30 a.m., leaving the area shortly afterwards, Edmonton police spokesperson Scott Pattison said.

Releasing the dimly-lit, inconclusive video is a long shot in a desperate investigation, Pattison said. 

"It's a scrap of evidence to be quite honest," he said, "Unless there is some sort of evidence that comes forward, it's difficult for investigators to proceed."

Pattison acknowledged the video is poor quality and does not identify the vehicle.

"We believe it may be a GM SUV. It's difficult to identify the make and model."

Police had hope the families of the victims would speak to media directly but the families declined, he said. 

Instead, Qureshi's mother, Nazima Qureshi, was quoted in a police news release Wednesday.

"I miss Irfan every day," she said. "I will have no peace in my heart until justice is meted out."

She said she looks at her son's photo every day and talks to him.

"I finally dreamt of him a few weeks ago and he showed me his wounds, where he got shot. I just want justice for my son and Suzy."

Qureshi and Tran had criminal records for drug trafficking.