Survey to examine where people in Mushkegowuk spend their money

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Hoping to promote economic growth inside its territory, Wakenagun Community Futures Development Corporation (WCFDC) is conducting a study to identify the amount of income spent outside the Mushkegowuk area.

Participants also have a chance to win some cool prizes: gift cards worth $300, $200 and $100.

Through this survey, the organization wants "to have some more insights about economic development" in the community, said John Okonmah, WCFDC's executive director.

Although the organization has not conducted this type of study in the past, it has completed many surveys on economic development priorities. "The study identified sector rankings and the general perception between economic development and environmental considerations," said Okonmah.

Organizers are expecting at least ten different institutions to participate in this initiative. They also hope to have the participation of 50 households.

Although having a certain number of participants is ideal, Okonmah said it is "not critical."

"Any indication of spending profiles is useful, of course," he said. "If we have a very significant number, even better and more reliable will be our findings."

The WCFDC says the survey's ability to measure the economic leakage in the community depends on how much relevant information participants can confirm.

Although CESO has some idea about the outcome of the survey, they want more clarity on different economic values and sectors.

This survey is being done in collaboration with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO). It runs until August 31.

Jinsh Rayaroth, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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