Survey of Vancouverites reveals who we are

The City of Vancouver recently surveyed residents on a diverse and sometimes thought provoking range of questions. The reason — to celebrate Vancouver's 131st birthday and to learn from residents how they spend their own anniversary with the city.

A total of 2,348 Vancouverites, young and old and new and longtime residents took part. Here's a sampling of what they had to say about who we are — and who we aren't.

I was born outside of Vancouver — 69 per cent.

I was born and raised in Vancouver —  25 per cent.

Why did you move here?

- 22%  just wanted to be part of West Coast living.

- 19% said work.

- 12% "I was living at home with my parents and they decided to move here."

What's the hottest topic of conversation?

- 49% housing,

- 47% weather.

- 44% restaurants/food.

How many umbrellas do you own?

-  21% 4 or more.

- 19% 3.

- 10% 0.

74% rant about the high cost of real estate

This is a sampling of the Top 10 Vancouver activities and traits respondents thought applied to them

- 95% "I recycle as much as I can."

- 93% "I still get a thrill every time I see a good sunset."

- 74% "I've ranted about the high cost of real estate."

- 63% "I've had a BBQ on the beach."

Must see places for out of town guests.

- 86% Stanley Park.

- 83% Granville Island.

- 51% A Vancouver beach.

Love it or hate it, we have a reputation for our love of all things yoga. And the numbers bear that out:  

- 65 per cent said they do yoga.

- 35 percent: nope, not me.

Half of respondents drank bubble tea, half did not. Three-quarters of us have not driven a car share.

Ugh, the weather, seriously!

And while we'd all like to put those months of rain, snow and more rain behind us, a survey about Vancouver wouldn't be complete without the ubiquitous questions about weather.

- 42% "The snow was great!"

- 24% "Torrential downpours are my favourite kind of rain."

- 14% said they didn't sign up for the recent weather we've had (ie: "It's why I left Ontario.")

And how did some residents celebrate their Vanniversary?

- "Each April I try to get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms and remember my awe when I first saw them."

- "I came here as a refugee of war. I celebrate Vanniversary as my chance to live."

- "I share something I love about Vancouver with the hashtag #vanniversary!"

But the response to the question:"What was your most Vancouver moment pretty much sums it all up.

"...biking the seawall on the way to a brewery after having sushi on the beach and passing an impromptu concert at a public piano, a stand up paddle board yoga class and the bald eagle that lives by the Bard on the Beach tents."