Suzuki Hayabusa's return is teased in video

Ben Hsu
·2 min read

Hang on to your kidneys, the planet's fastest production motorcycle is on its way back. Suzuki has released a teaser video for a new Hayabusa on its global and UK social media channels. Only a few glimpses of the superbike can be seen, but it's enough to get our adrenal glands pumping.

Debuting in 1999 during Japan's motorcycle speed wars, the Suzuki Hayabusa immediately rocketed to the forefront, nabbing the world record for fastest street bike. Not only has it been clocked at speeds as high as 194 mph, it's held on to that title for for two decades. Notably, the Hayabusa, named after a peregrine falcon known for reaching 200 mph during its hunting dives, did not compromise everyday comfort and handling in pursuit of all-out speed.

However, Suzuki had to dump the bike from its U.S. lineup in 2021, and in Europe it's been absent since 2018 due to emissions regulations. It appears, though, that sabbatical was only temporary.

The teaser video gives us a couple of peeks at new hardware. Its iconic five-gauge instrument pod is still there, but updated with a TFT screen in center position. The readouts indicate a number of electronic technologies will return, including S-DMS engine power modes, traction control, lift (anti-wheelie) control, and a quickshifter. An inclinometer showing the angle of lean on either side sits in the middle.

Flanking the TFT are a tach and speedometer in their traditional positions on the left and right, respectively, with the latter's needle pegged at 180 mph. Fuel levels and engine temperature sit on opposite ends. Accompanying the visuals are a finely tuned roar and plenty of wind noise as the 'Busa flies around a speedway-type banked circuit.

The official reveal will take place on February 5 online at 7 a.m. U.K. time — that's 2 a.m. Eastern. You can watch the unveiling on a virtual forum called the Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon., which requires registration. Unfortunately, there's not word on whether the Hayabusa will come to the U.S.

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