Svechnikov: 'Boys were on fire' in Game 5

Carolina Hurricanes forward Andrei Svechnikov says his team was 'on fire' in its 3-1 win versus the New York Rangers in Game 5 of their second round playoff series.

Video Transcript

- Andrei, is that a little bit of weight off your shoulders, to get one to go?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Yes or no, to be honest. Like I said last game, I tried to go there every game and work hard. And I got [INAUDIBLE] it today. And that's perfect, of course. A little bit relieved. But next day for me is going to be same. I'm going to work hard, too.

- Did the off side challenge make a difference for you guys? Or did you feel good about your game the whole time?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: It's huge. That would be-- what's it to 1, [INAUDIBLE] It would be already a different game. But it's helped us for sure. And whatever they said now, and all the guys, like, let's go. And I think since that, we start playing kind of our game.

- People are making a big fuss about at home versus on the road. You guys are winning at home, not on the road. But the games have been kind of tighter than this. Would you say this is your most dominant game of the series?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Well, I would say third period, we was dominate them. And I think we played our game, and we were just everywhere. And I think we got to just move that game to the next game. And I think we're going to be successful in that.

- What's the reaction when the power play finally breaks through on the bench?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Rod, he always saying it's a power play and [INAUDIBLE] game. And it was huge today. And [INAUDIBLE] was on fire, for sure.

- [INAUDIBLE] doesn't really get a lot of national credit. But how much do you guys appreciate him?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: It's huge. It's such a high talent he got. And we can see it sometimes. But everyone knows in the locker room, he got the right talent there. And from nowhere, he can make a play. So that's great for us, for sure.

- This is the oldest question now. But can you guys find a way to take this on the road?

ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Of course we can. And I think for me, personally, I don't think we lost another, what, five games or six games. I don't know many. I think just go there and work hard, and just play our game, like I was saying, and we're going to be success, for sure.

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