Swan Hills Census Jobs Still Available

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Correction: This article was published on March 16, 2021. This article has been edited to correct the information about reimbursed expenses.

Statistics Canada is actively recruiting census workers in the Swan Hills area. Successful candidates for these positions will help collect vital data that will be used in planning for community resources such as schools, hospitals, emergency services, roads, and transportation. The allocation of these resources will have a direct impact on communities across Canada, including Swan Hills.

To plan out and then administer the census, the country's different geographic regions are broken down into specific working areas. Each area will usually have a supervisor, often referred to as the crew leader, and 14 enumerators. The crew leader position for the Swan Hills area has already been filled. There are currently 15 positions available for the Swan Hills area, 14 enumerator positions, and one opening for an assistant to the area's crew leader. These are all part-time positions that run from the end of April until the end of July. The hours will vary from week to week, with June generally being the busiest month. Applicants will need to have a flexible schedule and be able to work during evenings and on weekends. Each of the 15 positions is paid on an hourly basis at $17.83 per hour. Employees will be paid during their training and for authorized expenses.

An enumerator's job is predominately centred around contacting and following up with people that have not responded to the census. Early in May, everyone in Canada will begin to receive notices to fill out their census form online. The notices will also have information on requesting a paper questionnaire or completing the census by phone for those who prefer these methods. While Statistics Canada expects that roughly 9 out of 10 people will complete their census questionnaire without needing an enumerator's assistance, some members of the community will benefit significantly from this help.

An enumerator's duties include:

· Collecting completed questionnaires from respondents.

· Dropping off letters inviting the residents of a household to complete their census questionnaire online.

· Following up with respondents by phone or in-person visits to assist them in completing their census questionnaire.

· Shipping completed questionnaires for collection.

In light of the pandemic, Statistics Canada has adapted their procedures to protect their employees. To reduce the need for face-to-face contact, enumerators will complete their training by phone or by teleconference, after which they will work from home. Part of the training will include how to conduct in-person visits safely by not entering a respondent's household and conducting the socially distanced interaction outside. Employees will be issued masks and hand sanitizer and a brightly coloured vest and ID badge to identify themselves as working for Statistics Canada.

The Swan Hills area includes the Town of Swan Hills and locations in the surrounding rural areas. Enumerators will be reimbursed for mileage and expenses (for use of your personal computer, printer and printer supplies if required and not provided).

The crew leader's assistant will support the crew leader mainly by performing administrative tasks, such as conducting quality checks on completed questionnaires to ensure that they have been filled out correctly and completely.

Eligible applicants must:

· Be 18 or older.

· Be a Canadian citizen or otherwise eligible to work in Canada.

· Pass a security check.

· Have a vehicle.

· Have access to internet and phone services.

· Have a flexible schedule and be available to work from 20 to 40 hours per week, including evenings and weekends.

Visit census.gc.ca/jobs-emplois-eng.htm to apply.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette