Swan Hills Communities in Bloom's New Business Planter Program

·2 min read

Swan Hills Communities in Bloom (CiB) is offering a new program to local businesses. Starting this year, CiB will supply a planter, complete with soil and flowers, to businesses for a modest fee during the first week of June. Participating businesses will then take over watering and caring for the planter and flowers over the summer months, and then CiB will pick up the planters in September. The planters provided by CiB will be black, "square-shaped," with about 16" to a side and 30" deep. The flowers will be selected by CiB, depending on availability, to create a unified aesthetic look in the community. The cost for this service will be $30 per planter, with multiple planters available to businesses.

During this first year of the program, the fee to businesses will essentially cover the program's costs, including purchasing the planters. In the future, with some of the supplies for this project already purchased, CiB will be able to raise funds through this initiative while simultaneously contributing to improving the community's aesthetic over the summer. CiB will also be able to plan which specific flowers and plants they would like to use for their summer planters and order them in advance to ensure their availability.

Businesses interested in participating in the year's planter program are encouraged to contact Swan Hills Communities in Bloom by April 22.

CiB has some additional exciting projects in store for Swan Hills this year. They have already started work on their first big project and plan to install it by May long weekend. Swan Hills has been entered into the Alberta Communities in Bloom competition for 2021. And CiB will be judging for Swan Hills' best-looking yard for this year, with more details to come. Watch the Swan Hills Communities in Bloom Facebook page (facebook.com/groups/750715021983756) and The Grizzly Gazette for more information about upcoming projects and events.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette