The Swan Hills Tree Of Lights Campaign 2022

The Swan Hills Hospital Foundation (SHHF) has begun its annual Tree of Lights campaign for the 2022 Christmas Season. This year the SHHF’s goal is to purchase two updated vital signs machines for the Swan Hills Healthcare Centre (SHHC). Vital signs machines measure a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and pulse oximetry (blood oxygen saturation). The nurses at the hospital have likely used one of these machines to take your vital readings if you have ever visited the clinic or emergency room at the SHHC.

One of the great things about the SHHF’s fundraising efforts is that the donated items and equipment stay at our local hospital, directly benefiting our community.

The SHHF is off to a good start this year, having recently raised just over $750 at the Swan Hills Christmas Craft Sale with a table dedicated to a fundraising bake sale and the Tree of Lights set up close by.

With the Tree of Lights campaign, a $10 donation buys a bulb for the tree as either a Christmas Wish for someone special or a Tribute to the memory of a loved one. An Ornament for the Tree of Lights is available for a $250 donation, a Bronze Star for $500, a Silver Star for $1000, and a Gold Star for $2500. Each Wish and Tribute is printed on a wreath that will be displayed in the window of the Medical Building downtown (the former Northern Lakes College).

The SHHF can issue tax receipts for donations of $10 or higher.

To make a donation to the Tree of Lights, please get in touch with Joyce Comeau at (780) 333-1641, Gary Beeson at (780) 333-3445, Marion deJong at (780) 333-4802, or Shawna Becker at (780) 333-3657 (Marion and Shawna are able to accept e-transfers). Representatives from the SHHF will also be at Super A to accept donations over the Holiday Season as their schedules permit. Donations for the Tree of Lights will continue to be accepted throughout the Holiday Season.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette