Sweet fundraiser is for the dogs (and cats)

·2 min read

If you have a craving for a sweet treat, consider ordering cupcakes this week, as Cupcakes to the Rescue raises money for animal shelters across the province.

The cupcakes, available in any quantity can be ordered in advance and are available in chocolate, vanilla, lemon, cherry, carrot, golden and rainbow chip, with buttercream or cream cheese icing (on the carrot cupcakes).

A donation of $25 per dozen is suggested but people are asked to give what they can.

The purchase of cupcakes helps give a surrendered, rescued or abused animal a second chance at a new life. Many animals who have found a temporary home in shelters are in need of medical attention and some are in need of emergency surgery. All animals leaving the rescues are spayed or neutered before going to their forever homes. Adoptive parents are screened to ensure the placement is as successful as possible.

All money raised will be split between Allies for Alley Catz and Adopt-a-Pet Rescue in Lucknow.

This year, the event runs from Feb. 22-26. Cupcakes can be ordered by contacting Debbie Emmerton at defrench@hurontel.on.ca or by calling 519-395-4567.

Arrangements for pickup or drop off can be made when placing orders. Because of the pandemic, the delivery person will be wearing a mask and ask that the person accepting the order wears one as well. Payment can be made by e-transfer to defrench@hurontel.on.ca.

And for those with empty beer cans, bottles, wine or alcohol bottles piling up, consider donating them to the Lucknow rescue. Empties can be dropped off under the carport at 301 Alice Street in Kincardine. Or, return your own bottles and donate to the rescue via e-transfer to petrescue@hurontel.on.ca. All money raised supports the medical and day-to-day care of animals taken in by the shelter.

Tammy Lindsay Schneider, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Kincardine Independent