A 'Sweet Magnolias' Cookbook Exists and We Can't Wait to Try These Down-Home Recipes

Tierney McAfee
Photo credit: Twitter/Sweet Magnolias

From Country Living

  • Fans of the hit Netflix show Sweet Magnolias will be thrilled to learn that there's a Southern cookbook based on the beloved TV and book series.
  • The cookbook includes more than 150 mouthwatering recipes, as well as stories and secrets from the Sweet Magnolias series.

In the world of Sweet Magnolias, Southern comforts reign supreme—and that includes good old-fashioned, down-home cooking.

Anyone who's seen the new Netflix sensation knows that food plays a major role in the series. For starters, one of the main characters, chef Dana Sue, is always whipping up delectable dishes and drinks in her restaurant, Sullivan's.

In Sherryl Woods' beloved Sweet Magnolias book series (which the show is based on), Dana Sue is also known for putting her signature spin on Southern classics, with mouthwatering recipes like Carolina Red Rice, Backyard Low-Country Seafood Boil, and Southern Smothered Corn Chowder.

Now you can test out these recipes and more in your own kitchen thanks to The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook! This charming cookbook features more than 150 favorite Southern recipes that we can't wait to try, including luscious apple pie, flaky, buttery, too-good-to-be-true biscuits, and spicy seafood gumbo. Written in Dana Sue's colorful voice, this book is also filled with heartwarming stories and small-town gossip from the world of the Sweet Magnolias.

"Since the Sweet Magnolias series began, many of you have asked about recipes for some of the dishes mentioned," Sherryl writes in the description for the book. "Here they are, along with many, many more created by Teddi Wohlford, who (like Dana Sue) has put a new spin on many traditional Southern dishes and kicked 'em up a notch."

"I have worked my way through these incredible recipes and developed a whole new relationship with my treadmill along the way," she adds. "But trust me, it's been worth it."

It sounds more than worth it to us! We're so excited to tuck into these delicious, down-home recipes—while we rewatch Sweet Magnolias, of course!

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