Sweet Treats owner thanks Regina community for support after trailer vandalized

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The Sweet Treats cupcake trailer is being fixed after vandals tore up its inside last weekend.  (Sweet Treats/Facebook - image credit)
The Sweet Treats cupcake trailer is being fixed after vandals tore up its inside last weekend. (Sweet Treats/Facebook - image credit)

A Regina business owner is thanking the community for support after her food trailer was vandalized last weekend. People stepped up and raised thousands of dollars for it to be fixed.

Jaimie McClare owns and operates the Sweet Treats trailer, where she sells cupcakes. This past weekend, she was preparing the trailer for a children's birthday party — something that is normally a quick check — but walked into a mess.

"They had broken walls and a counter. They took my bags of cotton candy, opened them, but they didn't eat it or anything. They just ripped it and they put them into bags that I use for our warm pretzels," McClare said.

"They took brand new snow cone syrup jugs and put them into the mechanical outlet and they put cotton candy into my cash register."

She said it happened fast.

"I literally was coming in, going to the basement and getting supplies. Like it really wasn't a long amount of time."

McClare called her parents crying. Her mother, being a professional cleaner, came over to do some initial cleaning.

McClare said she's put her heart and soul into the trailer and it takes a lot of work to do even one party. She said it's hard to understand why someone would do something like that.

She posted on Facebook, not for pity but to show what a small family business goes through when something goes wrong. She said she had to cancel a birthday party and needed to let people know what was been happening.

"I had an overwhelming response in two days," McClare said.

A construction company offered to help fix up the inside and outside. A GoFundMe campaign raised thousands of dollars. Sticks and Doodles offered to make a custom sign to help the business in the future. A local plumber donated two days to fix the plumbing and electrical.

McClare said it's hard to have a small business, especially these. She said her husband is currently laid off due to the pandemic.

Bringing a trailer full of treats to make kids smile is what she wants to do.

"Sometimes you think you're alone and sometimes you don't know how you're going to get through things … and I don't feel that right at this moment," McClare said.

"I feel like maybe my business is worth something and I am valuable to the community."

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