Swimmers Run From Water as Four Killer Whales Approach Shore

A group of friends swimming at Hahei Beach, New Zealand on October 21 got a major shock when a pod of killer whales wandered close to shore and sent the friends running out of the water.

“[We] spotted three orcas swimming about 50 metres offshore,” Kelly Lindsay, who filmed the encounter, said.

“[We] weren’t aware of the orca at this stage due to the waves; it wasn’t until one of the orca branched away from the pod towards the shore that onlookers started shouting out to the swimmers.”

TVNZ reported four orcas were spotted near the shore Coromandel Beach, where Lindsay and friends were enjoying their long weekend. A lifeguard said the whales come around to feed on stingrays and this particular pod got about 10 metres away from the beach.

It this footage, the group of friends panic and run out of the water as the killer whale’s black fin emerges out of the water a few metres away from them. Their delighted screams can be heard off-screen before the orca begins waving its flippers out of shallow waters.

“[When] the fin emerged from the water… they turned and ran back to the shore in excitement and shock,” Lindsay said. “It was a once in a life time experience to see such a beautiful animal up close in the wild. We won’t be forgetting this any time soon.” Credit: Kelly Lindsay via Storyful