SWM mayoral candidate Marigay Wilkins

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The time is right.

That was the answer from mayoral candidate and current deputy mayor Marigay Wilkins on why she is now going for the top political job in Southwest Middlesex.

Wilkins has over 20 years experience on councils, getting her start before amalgamation in Wardsville. She has been the deputy mayor the last two terms, and has served as warden of Middlesex County.

Wilkins wanted to focus on what she could bring to the job when pushed on why she wanted to replace the incumbent mayor.

“I just felt the time was right. For me, it’s just about looking forward, getting the municipality ready for the good things that can come our way. And I think this is just the right time for me to step forward and help lead Southwest Middlesex,” said Wilkins.

“I have strong networks and connections with not only Southwest Middlesex, but with the County of Middlesex and outside the county. These relationships that I’ve cultivated over the last 20-some years help me to lobby for Southwest Middlesex with federal and our provincial officials, and to help bring back opportunities to our community.”

And Wilkins will need other levels of government with a focus on preparing the municipality for growth through water and wastewater investments.

“We are growing but we need to continue on the right track,” said Wilkins.

Other experience Wilkins would bring is 41 years in the trucking business with her husband, and working for the federal government before that.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner