Sydney pharmacist disciplined after baking marijuana cookies for patient

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A Cape Breton pharmacist has been suspended, fined and fired for making marijuana cookies for a patient and putting them in a pharmacy bag to be picked up at a drug store.

JoAnne Andrews has agreed that her actions amounted to professional misconduct and has been suspended by the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists for 30 days.

The incident took place at a store in Sydney in September 2016.

Can return to work but with restrictions

Andrews and the college have reached a settlement agreement with numerous conditions:

- She will be required to enroll in an ethics course approved by the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists.

- She must notify the college of every pharmacy where she practises for three years and notices of her agreement settlement must be provided to any future employer for three years.

- She cannot be a pharmacy manager for a period of five years.

- She must pay $2,500 to cover a portion of the college's costs in the matter.

- She must also pay a $1,000 fine to the college within 180 days.

The decision from the college was made last week.

The report states Andrews breached provisions of the Pharmacy Act when she accepted marijuana from a patient who was using it for medical purposes.

It goes on to say Andrews baked the marijuana into cookies and brought them back to the store with the intent of turning them over to the patient.

When the patient did not return before the end of Andrews's shift, she put the cookies into a bag and asked a co-worker to give them to the patient. That exchange never happened and it was the following day when the patient met Andrews at the store and the exchange was made.

Andrews was terminated from her job the next day.