Sydney playground to be renovated after property dispute resolved

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Sydney playground to be renovated after property dispute resolved

A major renovation at a playground in a Sydney, N.S., subdivision can get underway thanks to the end of an ongoing property dispute.

"We're pleased as punch that we were able to get a deal," said Cape Breton Regional Coun. Steve Gillespie, whose district includes Cantley Village in Coxheath.

The Cantley Village Recreation Association raised $100,000 over four years to improve the green space and make the playground accessible.

Association member Allison MacDonald said they were working on the assumption that the CBRM owned the land, so when the subdivision owner, Vernon MacKillop, laid claim to the property they were worried about the future of their playground.

'We are really thrilled'

"This was the major hurdle for us and now that it's been cleared, we are really thrilled," MacDonald said. "We'll get the equipment in the spring. We have an annual kick-off to summer in June in the park that we are excited to move forward with."

The property dispute was headed for the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, but both sides reached an agreement on their own.

"At this point, the details of the agreement are still being worked out, but ultimately what's most important is that the CBRM was able to get the land and hand it over to the recreation association from Cantley Village," said Gillespie.

"All parties, including the land developer are very happy with the agreement and the accomodation."

New swings and slides expected in spring

Calls to MacKillop's lawyer, Robert Sampson, have not been returned.

Last year, the association won a $10,000 Sport Nova Scotia grant to turn a basketball court into an outdoor skating rink.

MacDonald said they were able to repave the court in the fall, but the other work was delayed.

Wheelchair ramps and specialized swings and slides have been ordered and are expected to be delivered this spring.

The group also plans to do more fundraising to pay for new rubber surfacing for the playground, which is estimated to cost $97,000.