Sydney Sweeney's Lace Stockings at SXSW Are a Major Trompe L'Oeil — See Photos

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If you couldn't stop staring at Sydney Sweeney's white-on-white lace look from the SXSW premiere of her movie Immaculate, you're not alone! The angelic white gown was gorgeous, of course, but it was her shoes and stockings that really caught — and tricked — our eye.

Sweeney wore a custom off-the-shoulder Richard Quinn lace gown to the event, a fun contrast to the spooky horror vibes of her forthcoming film. With it, she wore thigh-high white lace stockings that peeked out of the slit of her skirt, but if you look closely, you'll see that the stockings aren't in her white pumps but rather attached to the pumps. They're not shoes, they're boots!

<h1 class="title">2024 SXSW Conference And Festival - Day 5</h1><cite class="credit">Gary Miller/Getty Images</cite>

2024 SXSW Conference And Festival - Day 5

Gary Miller/Getty Images

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<h1 class="title">"Immaculate" - Premiere - Red Carpet- SXSW 2024 Conference and Festivals</h1><cite class="credit">Michael Buckner/Getty Images</cite>

"Immaculate" - Premiere - Red Carpet- SXSW 2024 Conference and Festivals

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

We've seen shoe-boots and legging boots on tons of our favorite celebs in the past, including Dua Lipa and Rosalía, but we've never seen them in such pretty white lace. It's also a pretty clever styling trick; at first glance, you think it's a sweet, innocent white pump paired with equally sweet white lace stockings, but nope! Fooled ya! When you can see her entire foot, it's clear that it's a stocking-boot situation, as the spike heel is intact and not covered by or poking through the fabric.

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The off-the-shoulder silhouette of the dress was the perfect canvas to show off Sydney Sweeney's new bob, which she wore parted to the side, accessorizing with a simple pair of pearl drop earrings. Her glam was equally soft and sweet, with a touch of eyeliner and a delicately glossy lip, plus a bright white-tipped French manicure. The look was very in line with her Immaculate character, a nun who soon discovers a deep terror lurking in the convent, but with a cheeky touch thanks to the stocking-boots. Like a good horror movie premise, things are not always what they seem.

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