Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper says beating cancer 'felt like beating Clemson'

Days after it had been announced he had beaten cancer, Rex Culpepper said the closing thing to the feeling was ‘beating Clemson.’

Days after he was told by doctors he had conquered a three-month battle with testicular cancer, Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper spoke to reporters. He said he broke down crying when he was told he was cancer-free.

He also compared the feeling to Syracuse’s 27-24 win against the No. 4 team in the country last October.

“The closest thing I can say is it felt like beating Clemson,” Culpepper said. “You just feel so incredibly ecstatic that nothing in your life could ever go wrong.”

When was Culpepper diagnosed with cancer?

A redshirt sophomore, Culpepper was diagnosed with the cancer back in mid-March. Still, the diagnosis did not prevent him from competing in Syracuse’s spring game.

Nor did it prevent him from throwing a touchdown in said game.