SZA Brought Back Her Short-Lived Bixie Cut From Last Summer

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It seems when summer comes around, people's hair suddenly gets shorter. Maybe it's because they don't want hair touching their skin in the hot weather or the season inspires the need for a fresh change? The latter might have been SZA's motivation because she's back to her bixie — a haircut that nestles comfortably in that gray area between a bob and a pixie.

If you were expecting to see SZA's new haircut on her Instagram grid, don't (at least not yet). She shared the flicks of her bixie on her Instagram Stories on May 23. This isn't her first time with this short style. In July 2022, she shared a few pictures of a similar cut, if not the exact same wig.

In the first reveal of the haircut, SZA is taking a mirror selfie while wearing a figure-hugging romper, necklaces, and a few rings. Though her hand and phone cover part of her head, you can see her short layers. The longest pieces were flipped and touched the nape of her neck while shorter pieces fell right at her cheekbones.

<cite class="credit">Instagram/[@sza]({: target="_blank"}</cite>
Instagram/[@sza]({: target="_blank"}

The next photo was a mirror selfie from the side, which gave us a nice view of the many layers she has. You can see her hair getting longer and longer and you also get another view of those flipped tufts of hair at the nape of her neck.

<cite class="credit">Instagram/[@sza]({: target="_blank"}</cite>
Instagram/[@sza]({: target="_blank"}

While we don't know for certain, this look is likely a wig. She wears them quite often, and the fringe area in these new photos is almost identical to the one in the snaps from last year. SZA didn't mention or reference the haircut at all, so there's no knowing what inspired this new short look. Hopefully, this bixie will make more appearances throughout this upcoming summer.

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