SZA Confesses Struggles with Dating: “[They] Realize I’m F**king Weird”

Astrida Valigorsky

SZA might be a chart-topping, Grammy-award-winning singer and songwriter, but she says she has just as much trouble with dating as the next person.

In a recent interview on the parody “dating” interview show, Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg, SZA sincerely opened up about finding potential romantic partners, confessing that she had just asked one of her friends where the best place to meet new people was.

“Everyone in my crew is meeting people,” SZA said, to which Dimoldenberg responded, “Apart from you?”

“It should be illegal for anyone to find love,” SZA joked.

The “Kill Bill” singer continued: “I don't even know if we're like meant to fall in love ‘cause like, who’s actually doing it and sustaining it? I think we're just supposed to be in like, fleeting states of loving."

It would be a difficult time for the musician to try and find love, as she's been on tour since the beginning of 2023. She kicked off her international tour following the success of her critically acclaimed and Grammy-winning album, SOS, and has continued headlining at festivals this summer.

When asked if she falls in love easily, SZA confirmed that she does, adding, “It's tragic, really.”

“I feel like I can catch ‘em, but I cannot keep ‘em,” SZA said. “They get with me and they realize I’m f**king weird.”

She continued: “[My] butt makes it seem like it's normal. On the outside, I wanna shake ass and do all the normal things. But I also just wanna like, I wanna swim in the swamp and I wanna like, collect methane gas with my man. That's my type of sh*t.”

Aside from her song lyrics, SZA has remained relatively private about her love life, though she confirmed to Rolling Stone in 2023 that she was in a serious relationship for about 11 years and engaged for five. She never revealed who her partner was, but said he was a fashion designer and that she was dependent on him financially until she began pursuing music.

During Chicken Shop Date, Dimoldenberg then started reciting the lyrics of SZA's chart-topping single, “Kill Bill,” and SZA immediately tried to explain how “harsh” the song was. To be fair, it is about murdering her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. But SZA did say that she did not mean it when she sang the lyrics, “Rather be in jail than alone.”

“Oh my God, after I said that, I was like, ‘That was so crazy and harsh,'” she said. “I was just randomly slightly enraged.”

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