‘We Can’t Compete with PM Modi at Lying’: Rahul in Bihar

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, 28 October, slammed the BJP-JD(U) government, saying that the existing government has “destroyed” Bihar.

Gandhi was addressing a rally at Champaran’s Balmiki Nagar, as the first phase of polling is underway for Bihar Assembly elections, with votes being cast in 71 of 243 constituencies.

“When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came here last time he promised that a sugarcane factory will be set up, and he will have tea with all of you. Did he have tea with you?” Rahul Gandhi asked.

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Slamming PM Modi over unemployment in Bihar, the Congress leader said: “Now Prime Minister doesn't say in speeches that he'll give jobs to 2 crore youth. He knows he was lying and people also know it. I guarantee, if PM comes here and says he'll give 2 crore jobs, the crowd will chase him away,” ANI quoted Rahul Gandhi as saying.

Prodding the rally, he further said: “Why do Bihar people have to go to other states for jobs? Do our Bihar brothers and sisters lack in anything? No, your CM and PM lack,” Hindustan Times quoted Rahul Gandhi as saying.

Continuing his attack on unemployment in the state, the Congress leader added: “Congress gave direction to the country. We gave MNREGA, waived off farmers' loans. We know how to run the country, stand with farmers and generate employment, but yes, we do lack one thing - we don't know how to lie. We cannot compete with him (PM) at lying,” reported ANI.

“The motive of demonetisation and lockdown was the same. It was aimed at destroying small farmers, small businesses, traders and labourers,” Gandhi said, while addressing the crowd over COVID-19-induced lockdown, ANI reported.

Talking about the protests over land bills in Punjab, the Congress leader said that he was upset to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effigies getting burnt during Dussehra in the state.

“This is sad and should not happen as he is the prime minister of the country,” Rahul said, reported the Hindustan Times.

Rahul Gandhi will address another rally later on Wednesday at Kusheshwar Sthan in Darbhanga.

The first phase of polling covers the southern part of Bihar, with a slightly heavier concentration in the south-west. Region-wise, this would be the Magadh and Bhojpur regions. The state capital Patna also votes in the first phase.

(With inputs from ANI and Hindustan Times)

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