Do you use AT&T? You need to keep a close eye on your next bill

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If you have an older unlimited plan from AT&T, it will soon cost you more. Starting in August, the second-largest mobile company in the U.S. will charge extra for several different legacy plans. At the same time, it’s adding new benefits for those customers.

According to an AT&T support document, prices are rising by $10 per month for single lines and $20 per month for those with multiple lines, regardless of the number of lines. The document explains, “This change will allow us to provide additional benefits to your plan and continue to deliver the great wireless service you expect. ”

Those with AT&T Unlimited Choice, Choice II, Choice Enhanced, Unlimited &More, and Unlimited Value plans will now receive 75GB of high-speed data and 30GB of hotspot data. Meanwhile, customers with AT&T Unlimited Plus, Plus Enhanced, Unlimited &More Premium, and AT&T Unlimited (with TV) plans will receive 100GB of high-speed data and 60GB of hotspot data.

If you are no longer interested in keeping an older Unlimited plan, AT&T recommends switching to a newer plan. These plans, including Unlimited Premium PL, Unlimited Extra EL, and Unlimited Starter SL, come with the bonus of 5G access.

You can also cancel your service by contacting the company.

Carriers often raise the price of older plans to incentivize users to switch to a new plan and possibly upgrade their devices. T-Mobile, for example, announced price hikes last month. However, those price increases on older plans only amount to between $2 and $5 monthly.

It’s good to see AT&T adding benefits to legacy plans as it raises prices. However, not everyone is likely to need the new features. For instance, the hotspot feature is only useful if you have other devices to share the connection.