Taber Food Bank endeavours to Stuff-A-Bus

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Starting on June 7, the Taber Food Bank is going to be looking for donations to help them stuff some buses full of food once again.

There will be a First Student bus parked at each grocery store in Taber which the food bank will be looking to fill. Shoppers can help out by either purchasing pre-filled paper bags of groceries or by purchasing and then donating items from a list of things that the food bank is looking for. When asked about the expectations that the Taber Food Bank may have for the Stuff-A-Bus event, Kevin Leahy, president of the Taber Food Bank board, expressed how they would be grateful for any amount of help from the community.

“Not really — we get what we get,” Leahy said. “We’re thrilled if we get 1,000 pounds of food, wonderful if we get 5,000 pounds of food. Anywhere in that area is great.”

With the food bank planning this event to be on the first Tuesday of a new month, people who donate can enjoy a 10 per cent discount on their purchases for it coinciding with the grocery stores’ 10 per cent Tuesday.

“We didn’t have Stuff A Bus in the fall — COVID has affected us quite a bit on that. Been a while since we’ve done Stuff-A-Bus,” Leahy said. “We’re looking forward to it (this year) — that’s one of our bigger events for getting new food.”

If you’re interested in giving a more immediate donation to the Taber Food Bank, the top 10 items they are currently looking for are Kraft Dinner, shampoo, conditioner, condensed vegetable soup, canned stew, pudding cups, mayonnaise, ketchup, beefaroni, and Cheese Whiz.

People are also able to help out the food bank by volunteering at their vegetable garden which is being organized to happen again this year.

It will be at the same location as last year, which is west of Taber on Huckleberry Road. The food bank will need these volunteers to help harvest and plant throughout the growing season, so anyone interested in helping out should contact the food bank in early May. If you’re not inter- ested in gardening but still want to help the food bank beyond just donations, in September the Taber Food Bank Board will be looking for three new members to join them. If working in a garden or on the Taber Food Bank Board is not ideal another way people could help support the food bank is at Cornfest this August as they will be having another 50/50 draw again this year.

Leahy also talked about the tremendous success that was their Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser which is used to help fund their protein program.

“I do want to thank the people of Taber for their support for Coldest Night of the Year,” Leahy said. “That was a tremendous unexpected shot in the arm. We had forecasted $20,000 and that was fingers crossed for $20,000 because we wouldn’t have been surprised to get half that. No one knew what the turnout was going to be because of COVID and when it came up to the $50,000 mark we were just jaws agape. It was a wonderful, wonderful, thing. We’ve got a good community.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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