Taber Food Bank preparing for September food drive

·2 min read

With it being the middle of this year’s harvest, it may be prudent to take a moment to think about those who are in need. One of the ways that you could help out is with your local food bank — with this in mind, we were able to speak with Leah Jespersen and Naomi Wiebe, co-managers of the Taber Food Bank, about their upcoming door-to-door food drive.

“The door-to-door food drive is Tuesday, September 20, so volunteers can come to the back door anytime between 6 and 6:30,” said Wiebe. “They get assigned routes that go around the Taber and Barnwell communities, and pick up any bags of food that have been left on the doorstep that are in the red bags that will be mailed out with flyers or just labelled for the food bank, they can also be picked up. It is a no-contact, so we won’t have volunteers knocking on doors — just anything that’s left out and we do hope to cover all of the roads, but if anybody gets missed, or something gets missed, or short on volunteers, we do ask donors to bring in stuff to the food bank on the following days.”

After this, the pair answered if they would be needing new volunteers for this effort or new volunteers just in general.

“Yes, we’re always looking for volunteers for different things,” said Jespersen.

“They can call us at (403)-223-1833 and will answer any questions that have,” added Wiebe.

The main things the food bank is looking for donations at this moment are hygiene supplies, such as soaps, deodorants, and toothpaste, as well as diapers for babies, but both co-managers also touched on some other things that are in need of right now.

“Hopefully, things like mayonnaise, cheese wiz, jams,” said Jespersen.

“Ready-to-eat stews, soups, and chillies are good for some people who are experiencing homelessness those are some easy things to eat,” Wiebe added in.

“Or kid-friendly nutritious things,” continued Jespersen.

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times