Taber’s Indian community celebrates Diwali

With the breadth of cultures that exist across Canada, many different traditions can be celebrated throughout the year, and one of these traditions that were celebrated last week was the Indian festival of Diwali.

Somewhat equivalent to Christmas, Kaushal Dave, a member of Taber’s Indian community went into more detail about this festival.

“Basically, this is the festival of light which is celebrating the victory over evil,” said Dave. “As Diwali is a festival of light today for our culture, we light a candle in front or on top of our house and you light more and more candles around the house. Then the next day is regarded as the new year according to our culture. Also, we do fireworks which we cannot do here, but it’s a festival of cele- bration and we do a lot of fireworks.”

To facilitate the celebration, the Taber Legion was rented out and was the main focal point for the community to meet up and celebrate in. Dave spoke on what events would be taken part within the legion itself.

"We're not lighting up too many candles tonight, but we are gathering everybody together and celebrating in our own way. The event is part of our cultural gathering, and will have cultural food and dance and every thing."

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times