Taber youth becomes Mayor for the Day

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The Mayor For a Day program put on at the Taber Administration building has proven to be a huge success in getting youth interested in politics as shown by Landon Dyck and Tenley Angermeier. “I want to try new things, and I think it would be fun to do,” said Dyck, who is currently seven years old. “I learned about everything that the mayor does. Like what they do in meetings. But I want to wait until I’m over 18 to be elected.” Angermeier shares the same wishes to eventually be involved in politics like Dyck, but instead cites her wishes to fight against bullies. “Kids don’t deserve to be bullied,” said Angermeier. “I do really want to be a councillor. I’m not sure about anything else.” Taber Mayor Andrew Prokop also mentioned how special it is to have youth interested and getting invested in politics as much as they are. “It’s great to see a young seven-year-old like Landon as well as Tenley who had a great visit with myself and our co-CAO John Orwa. We spent around an hour and a half in the Chambers where Landon was Mayor for the day while the other kids were his councillors. We got a lot of great pictures and videos there. It was a great experience for the kids and I think it’s great for them to go through that at a young age. They’re learning all about it in schools these days which I think is an absolutely great thing. You never really used to see that. They’ve learned all about what the municipal government is all about and that's important. These kids are our future.” Dyck also had mentioned Prokop is one of his main inspirations for wanting to be Mayor. “I think it’s great and very humbling to see that Landon sees me as a role model for his potential future,” noted Prokop. “All these kids are great and it’s great to see that I’ve made an impression on them somehow. He watches our council live streams.” Prokop didn’t want all the praise to go to himself though and mentioned how good the presentation team did at setting the entire experience up. “Our presentation team did a great job setting up the program for the kids to go through and get to be council. But we want to make this all a great experience for the kids for years to come. This is our future, and it’s great to see all the interest these kids have; they’ve had a great start and I think Taber may be in great hands.” It was also mentioned how important it is to vote. The Federal election has passed on Sept. 20, but there is still a municipal election coming on Oct. 18. “Hopefully everyone (cast) their vote on the 20 and hopefully in the municipal election as well. It’s your democratic right to do so,” commented Prokop. All of the nominations for mayor and council will now be on

Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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