Beloved restaurant employee gifted car by anonymous customer

Kyle Cantlon
·2 min read

An employee at an Alabama-based Tex-Mex restaurant recently received a life-changing gift from a customer.

And we may never find out who, exactly, that kind soul is.

Footage of the surprise posted to Facebook, occurring at a Taco Casa in Tuscaloosa, shows the employee being led to his new car, which an anonymous customer gifted him.

The restaurant uploaded the video on June 30, writing: “Some days are better than others and today was a great one. One of our longtime, hardworking employees was rewarded today with some of God’s grace.

“A couple of weeks back, a loyal customer had noticed that even though our employee had lost his means of transportation, that didn’t keep him from walking to work. So, our customer felt led to anonymously reward our employee with a fully paid for vehicle...that he surprised him with today. God is good,” the post read.

The restaurant wisely filmed the car reveal to the employee — whose name hasn’t been released by Taco Casa — and shared the uplifting moment on their social media channels as his colleagues joined their friend in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“There is a gentleman here in town that wants to remain anonymous, but wants to surprise you,” Rod Wilkin II, part of the Wilkin family who owns Taco Casa, says in the video.

“And he has just given me keys to a car for you, and it’s right there.”

“For me?” he asks.

The man — surrounded by his applauding and emotional coworkers and friends, graciously takes the keys as he walks over to check out his new, fully paid-off Acura.

It’s things like this that offer much-needed reminders of the good and selflessness that remains so prevalent in the world today, even if it’s tough to find sometimes.

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