Taiwan Legislators Scuffle Over COVID-19 Policies During Parliament Meeting

Taiwan’s legislature session in Taipei erupted in chaos on Tuesday, September 28, when Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers protested the Democratic Progress Party (DPP)’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Livestream footage from the 10th Legislative Yuan’s fourth session shows the commotion moments after the meeting commences.

KMT legislators are seen swarming Premier Su Tseng Chang, who was expected to make his first policy address to the new legislative session, to demand that he apologize for the DPP’s COVID-19 policies, according to Taipei Times.

The KMT’s criticism of the government’s quarantine regulations that may have caused the spike in COVID-19 cases seen in May has fueled a debate between the two parties.

Su entered the podium and spoke briefly before Deputy Legislative Speaker Tsai Chi Chang suspended the session due to the protest, Taipei Times reported. Credit: The Legislative Yuan via Storyful

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