A tale of two Frosty Treats: Kensington's 2nd location across the street from 1st

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A tale of two Frosty Treats: Kensington's 2nd location across the street from 1st

Kensington, P.E.I., will soon have two Frosty Treat Dairy Bars — with the new location opening half a kilometre away from the location that has been a fixture for more than four decades.

"The brand itself has grown over the years," explained Brody Ellis, one of the owners of Frosty Treat.

"We were getting at capacity. Our dining room is where it is Friday Saturday nights, it's busy in there. The parking lot's very busy."

'Getting out is a bit of a challenge'

Finding a parking spot during peak times, can often leave customers frustrated, particularly during the summer when the community sees a dramatic increase in traffic.

If you are able to find one, safely navigating your way back into traffic can test even the most confident of drivers.

"A lot of times you edge your way out and all of a sudden you think you've got to go," said longtime customer Roger Ford.  At the same time, you're cutting someone off, but if you don't go, you're here for a longer period of time and then it gets congested, or somebody will stop to let you go one way, but they won't stop the other way, so that's danger too."

"We have trucks of our own. We can't come in if we have our big trucks because if we do get in, we can't get back into traffic. Sometimes you'd have to back out and that's a no no because someone will get injured or even worse."

'Help alleviate some of the pressure'

The new restaurant, which is taking over the space that used to be occupied by Johnny's Dairy Bar, will serve up the same menu with ingredients provided by local producers that customers have enjoyed for more than four decades.

It will also have three entrances and exists, making it much easier to enter and leave the property safely.

"There's a bigger parking lot there, there's a little more room to turn around," said Ellis. "It will be easier to get in get out and hopefully a better dining experience."

"It's difficult, it is," he said. "There's no doubt about it. It's a congestive parking lot. When it's busy, it is difficult to get through. Weekends like Cavendish Beach Music Festival and what not, makes it even worse, so the second location should help alleviate some of the pressure on the parking lot."

'Easier to get in and out'

Ford said he will head to the new location if the original restaurant looks to be too busy.

"We'll go there just as easy as coming here just because it's easier to get in and out of maybe down there, and I know it would be because there's more open highway down there," said Ford. "The only difference down there is the traffic moves a little faster, but that's still okay too."

There is still some construction to be completed inside the restaurant.  

The owners hope to have thenew Frosty Treat open sometime in April.

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