Should You Talk About Politics When Dating? Gen Z Think So

There has been a long held rule that in polite company, you should never speak about politics, religion or money.

However, according to data from dating app Tinder ahead of the general election on July 4th, Gen Z are ignoring this archaic rule and being upfront about their own political allegiances, while asking their dates to do the same.

In fact, a third of young people surveyed have admitted that they have either ended a relationship or would do so if their partner was not politically engaged.


Why young people are talking about politics on dates

It makes sense in such a politically-charged time that young people are ignoring old rules and putting their politics upfront – but what brought this on and how are they doing it?

Well, according to the research, 60% of young singles in the UK feel strongly that the person they are dating should respect their political opinions, increasing to 65% for young women.

This approach is incredibly refreshing at what can feel like such a divisive and fragile time.

Dating coach and relationships expert Christiana Maxion spoke to Cosmopolitan about discussing politics with potential partners and said: “Early conversations around contentious topics may save you a lot of wasted time!

“Alternatively, they may cement your initial positive thoughts on a person and leave you wanting to learn more. Either way, you’ll know where you stand. You don’t need to get into a debate with someone you’re not that invested in. Remember, save the energy!”

Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Senior Communications Director from Tinder comments: “At Tinder we support and encourage our users to be their true self while looking for a Tinder match, and for today’s politically engaged young people, the research shows this includes being up front about your politics and voting intention.”

Interestingly, data from Statista shows that both Gen Z and Millennials intend to vote for centre-left and left wing parties in the coming election, so there likely won’t be too many disagreements on dates!