Tara Lipinski Dresses Up Baby Daughter in Her Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Outfit for Halloween

Lipinski welcomed her daughter Georgie via surrogate in October with husband Todd Kapostasy

<p>David Madison/Getty; Tara Lipinski/Instagram</p> Tara Lipinski

David Madison/Getty; Tara Lipinski/Instagram

Tara Lipinski's daughter Georgia (L), Tara Lipinski at the 1998 Winter Olympics (R)

Tara Lipinski started her baby girl Georgie's first Halloween off with an unforgettable costume.

"Georgie’s 1st Halloween! ⛸️❄️ @bradgriffies made a costume that will be hard to match. Thank you!!!! Does anyone recognize it?!" she captioned the photos on Instagram, which show her newborn daughter dressed in a onesie made to look just like her costume from when the iconic skater, 41, competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics.

"@toddkap commentated Gigi’s performance and I of course gave her an old school perfect 6.0 score of course!" the proud new mom wrote. "Brad - again thank you! It’s just too much. You are a talent and skaters are lucky to wear your beautiful designs."

Husband Todd Kapostasy was also a fan of the outfit, sharing Georgie in different poses side-by-side with different photos of the Olympic gold medalist.

"Forgive us… a couple weeks in so we had to do it. Georgie Winter’s first Halloween. No pressure Gigi 😂 @taralipinski," he captioned the shots.

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Last week, the couple confirmed they welcomed their baby girl via surrogate to PEOPLE exclusively.

"I dreamt about this for so long," she said on a sunny afternoon in her living room, while Georgie naps nearby. She's excited about everything mothering a newborn has to offer. "A crying baby, sleepless nights. Even when I'm like, 'Okay, take an hour nap,' I'm almost too excited. I'm like, 'She's there. Just watch her a little longer."

Lipinski added, "it's the best tired I've ever been." She and Kapostasy, a producer and director, whom she wed in 2017, can't help but take stock in their current bliss, something they feared might never come.

The athlete, who is a sportscaster for NBC alongside Johnny Weir, told PEOPLE infertility taught her a hard lesson. "It made me realize that sometimes life is just not fair," she said. "For so long I thought, 'Oh, you get a win, you get a loss, everything evens out.' As a skater I was able to train harder, force it. But when it came to infertility, there's things you can't change."

After years of trying for a successful pregnancy Lipinski, who suffers from endometriosis, and Kapostasy learned there was a reproductive immunology issue where her body would reject their fertilized embryo. "I went through four pregnancies, four miscarriages, four D&Cs [dilation and curettage, an often painful procedure to remove pregnancy tissue from the uterine lining]," she said.

After her last miscarriage, "It was like, 'Okay Tara, you've put your body through enough.' That's when I decided to think of other options."

She formed an instant connection with her surrogate Mikayla, who became pregnant with one of the couple's fertilized eggs early this year. During Georgie's birth, "I was playing Dave Matthews's song 'You and Me' and I could not stop sobbing. Then the baby came out, and it was so much relief," she said. "I felt like I could breathe again."

The years of struggle put a strain on her marriage, but Lipinski even sees the beauty it that now. "It gave us time to figure out how to support each other," she said of Kapostasy. "I would have loved for us to not have gone through all this. But now, I can't imagine it any other way."

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