Tarrant County criminal courts administrator quits as commissioners consider reorganization

Tarrant County Criminal Courts Administrator Gregory Shugart has resigned.

Shugart said Friday that he has decided to step down after 12 years, believing it to be the best path forward for him and the 21 elected judges.

Shugart said his job required him to provide the tools, supplies and resources the judges need to operate an efficient court system.

County commissioners voted in April to consider a proposal to reorganize the administration of the criminal courts.

Before the vote to study a reorganization, the county proposed eliminating Shugart’s job by Oct. 1 and predicted it would save $174,000.

A spokesperson for the county did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The citizens, should always ensure that our constitutional government is in place and that there are three branches of government, and it’s important the judiciary remains independence,” Shugart said.

County Judge Tim O’Hare could not be immediately reached for comment.