Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare blames ‘corrupt media’ for GOP trying to impeach Paxton

Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare is calling the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton an “unbelievable waste of taxpayer dollars.”

In a post on the social media site X, shortly after Paxton was acquitted of all impeachment articles by the Texas Senate, O’Hare appeared to blame “corrupt media sources” for the impeachment saga, which has expose divisions within the state GOP party.

“Here are two important lessons for Republicans,” wrote O’Hare, a Republican serving his first term as Tarrant County’s top official. “Republicans should NEVER, EVER buy, read, watch or consume anything from corrupt media sources. We all know who they are.”

He continued with, “Republicans should NEVER, EVER repeat anything published by the corrupt media. They are simply untrustworthy.”

A commenter responded that Paxton, who was accused of corruption and abuse of office by the Texas House in May, “is an enormous embarrassment” and called Senate Republicans “cowards for putting politics over responsibility. ... There was a time when Republicans were willing to do what was right, sadly those days are gone.”

O’Hare responded, “We’re pretty busy trying to stop leftists from telling little girls and boys they can change their sex, putting porn in school libraries and teaching kids that America is a terrible place.”

The commenter reacted with, “Absolutely none of that is happening. You and your ilk are spending all your time building enormous mountains out of nothing to scare weak minded people into giving you money and power. Your only goal is power and how you get it is unimportant to you.”

To which O’Hare wrote, “Now you’re simply being dishonest.”

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